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Our showrooms are open for business

If you would like to arrange to visit our showroom please call 01904 786744 to book in. All visits are by appointment only so please don’t forget to book.



Our beautiful 12000 square foot showrooms are spread out over 3 rooms full of stunning crystals, minerals, and gemstone and sterling silver jeweller. An Aladdin’s cave full of all the goodies Alex has sourced or produced from around the world:

Jewellery showroom

The jewellery showroom is full of beautiful gemstone silver jewellery with over 140 different stone types. These are displayed in upwards of 120 large jewellery trays over 72 meters of display shelving. On top of all that, we have new deliveries almost every week.

Manufactured showroom

This showroom is where we keep everything that has been worked; whether it is cut, polished or carved this is where you will find it.  In this room we have over 400 different types of tumblestones on display, thousands of gemstone carvings, and a wall full of over 300 amethyst geodes of all sizes.  You can also find the majority of our high vibration gemstones and metaphysical tools such as pendulums and palmstones in this room.

Crystal, Mineral & Fossil showroom

This room is a first-floor area which is as big as the jewellery and manufactured rooms put together, and it is jam packed with mineral specimens, crystal clusters, quartz points and a huge selection of fossils.

Accommodation Allowance

If you are traveling a long distance to get to us then we offer can offer a fuel allowance of 10p per mile to a maximum of £50 and an accommodation allowance to the value of £60 to help with the cost.  Proof of mileage and/or accommodation is required for allowance to be applied and allowance is subject to the following terms. Fuel & accommodation allowance to be taken in stock to the value of allowance and a minimum spend after any discounts and before VAT of £500 for fuel allowance and £1000 for fuel and accommodation allowance.

Please note that as we are a wholesale only company we are not open to the general public, if you are visiting for the first time you will need to bring proof of the business you are buying for.

If you would like further information please feel free to call us on 01904786744, but if you would like to book in just click on the button below.

Keeping safe in these unusual times

We would like to reassure you that at this time Dolphin Minerals is open for business and for business support. In these times we need to find a balance between the support we give our customers and the safe working arrangements we provide for our team, to this end the following rules will be in place until further notice.


  • There will be a maximum of four businesses allowed on the premises at any one time, so please ensure you call to arrange to arrange an appointment before you travel.  All appointments must be confirmed by phone and anyone arriving without a booked appointment will be refused entry.  
  • There is a maximum of 2 people per business allowed on the premises and both people must be connected to and buying for the business.  If you arrive with a travel companion they will need to wait for you in the car, although they may enter to use the toilet.

  • No customer pets are allowed on the premises

  • You may arrive early for your appointment but if previous customers are still on the premises we may need to ask you to wait outside until your arranged time.

  • No food can be eaten on the premises and anyone eating food outside or in their cars must place all food containers and packaging in their car to be taken away and you must sanitise your hands on re-entry to the building.

  • Once on the premises you must respect the socially safe space between yourself and other customers and staff by not entering areas which are marked for staff and by maintaining a 2 metre distance between yourself and other customers in open areas; 

  • Please ensure you sanitise your hands on entry to the premises
  • Please maintain a two metre no mans land between yourself and other customers at all times by Keep a minimum distance of at least two shelf lengths between yourself and other customers.
  • Do not try to pass other customers in the aisles, through doors or on stairs.  Please show each other the polite courtesy of stepping out of the way to let each other through doors and take an alternative route around aisles to get to where you want to be.
  • Please ensure you resist the urge to step in to the safe space of other people just to quickly grab something, please wait for the space to open up.



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