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Moonstone – June Birthstone

There are actually three different birthstones for the month of June; pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone. Of these, pearl is perhaps the most well-known, but in my opinion moonstone is the most spectacular.

Moonstone has a distinct shine, which many cultures throughout time have connected with the celestial and the shine of moonbeams, with Roman historian Pliny believing it would change appearance with the phases of the moon – a common belief going as far as the 16th Century. It’s not hard to understand why this belief may have proved so popular – the irridescent sheen of moonstone is truly mesmerising and eye-catching.

An alternate name for moonstone is hecatolite, perhaps derived from the Greek goddess of magic and sorcery, Hecate. The Ancient Greeks and Romans also held a high association with their lunar deities; Selene (Luna) and Artemis (Diana).

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