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Brazilian Shipments

Brazil is known worldwide for its huge variety of natural wonders, and if you are looking for the best from Brazil, then look no further




Brazil is famous for its beautiful Amethyst, but it also offers a wide selection of other stunning and unusual gemstones such as Agates, Meteorites, Quartz, Citrine, Pink Amethyst and many more. As well as being world famous for its raw and natural gemstones, it’s also known for its beautiful geodes, carvings, gem trees and tumblestones.

To ensure we always have the best quality and choice available, we buy our products, gemstones, and minerals direct from the source, and we work hard to create meaningful and long-term relationships with our suppliers. Alex visits Brazil every year, to make sure he can hand-pick the best and most exciting pieces.

All the beautiful goodies Alex has hand-picked are shipped to the UK in four containers, split over three shipments each year.

You can buy some of our beautiful Brazilian products online or through a van visit, but to see them at their best, it is always best to visit our showrooms.

To book an appointment, call our team on 01904 786744.

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