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Ethical Supply Statement

As a company we are driven by passion, enthusiasm, and mutual respect for everyone involved in the industry and have a policy that ensures, you as a customer can shop with confidence.

The ethics of crystals and minerals and in particular the mining of these items has never been more relevant considering the global boom the industry has been experiencing. Here at Dolphin Minerals Ltd we do everything in our power to ensure all our products are sourced from ethical and well-respected suppliers.

Ensuring an ethical supply chain in our industry is a challenging process as there are no real oversite bodies to enforce a fair-trade situation for all involved especially the people who work at the source.

Over the last 25 years we have established meaningful and long-term relationships with smaller family run business wherever possible and only work with other respected wholesalers and producers who follow the same ethical standards we do. We believe this is the best way to combat the situation and ensures the best ethical and environmental outcome for us all.

Wherever possible we buy our products, gemstones, and minerals direct from the source, regularly visiting our suppliers. Alex is out of the country regularly throughout the year visiting our suppliers in over 30 different countries meeting with the people who own and work at these locations. These visits allow Alex to see first-hand how the mines are run, if they are well equipped, the staff are in good health and are appropriately supported as well as ensuring all mining and production licenses, safety certificates and the environmental impact studies have been completed where required. Visiting these sites also helps Alex get a better understanding of how the crystals and minerals are extracted and if they are done in a good and safe way for all who work there.

At Dolphin Minerals Ltd we commit to the following actions to ensure we are being as ethical as possible:

  • We will only work with trusted suppliers in which we have met and seen first hand the locations in which our products are coming from
  • We will continue to regularly visit the mines, factories, and production houses of the businesses we choose to work with ensuring good working practice.
  • We will continue to grow long lasting relationships with all suppliers.
  • Indirect supplies will only be made through recognised and respected businesses that share the same ethical outlook and approach as ourselves.
  • We will continue to reuse and recycling all packaging sent to use from our suppliers.
  • We will refuse to work with unknown suppliers who are unable to show their goods are ethically produced/sourced.
  • We will never work with businesses who we are unable to visit and access their working areas.
  • We will never work with businesses who do not prioritise the health and wellbeing of the people who work for them.

We believe we are doing our best to ensure our business is operating in an ethical way but are always trying to find new ways to improve and support the people working at the source.


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