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Ordering by phone or email

Here at Dolphin Minerals Ltd we try our best to be accessible to all our customers regardless of whether you can visit the showroom or not.

If you are unable to visit the showroom and need to stock up on products we can help by phone or email.

If you need more stock and can’t get to the showroom the best way to order from us is through our website or alternatively you can email a list of the products you’d like to purchase and one of our team members will get it picked, packaged, and sent out to you as soon as possible. If you are unable to email us, you can always call us on our sales number: 01904 786744, but please remember staff will have limited time to select your order so please make sure you know what products you need to help save time.

We also have several WhatsApp phones which we can take orders from, so if this is something you would be interested in please give us a call or email and we can help you get set up

Sales Team: 01904 786744

Email: sales@dolphinminerals.com


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