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WhatsApp & Video Calls

If you can’t make it to the warehouse and you can’t wait for a van visit, why not order by WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is perfect for all your order and query needs, from simple product snaps to live video appointments

If you’re interested in speaking to us on WhatsApp, please give us a call at 01904 786744 and we’ll add you one of our team’s WhatsApp work phones.

Quick Queries

If you have a question about anything, such as an order you’ve received or queries about stone types, you can send off a quick message to one of our team and we will be able to send a speedy response.

Message Orders

To place an order over WhatsApp, simply send us a list with what you’re looking for and the quantities. One of our team will respond with any information or pictures, and will get to work picking and sending your order.

To make this as smooth as possible, please be specific with what you need!  You can do this in one quick order by sending us a list of the items and quantities you are looking for or you can place your order over a few days as the things you need come to mind.  Either way, we will open you a basket as soon as you pick your first item

Video Calls

To arrange a video call appointment or for more information on how this works, please call the sales team at 01904 786744.

How We Use WhatsApp

We will always aim to build an individual relationship with each customer, working out how you prefer to send and receive information regarding the items you are looking for, but WhatsApp order do have some time constraints.

Please keep in mind that our staff speak with many customers on WhatsApp, on top of their work in the showroom. This means there may be some delay in response at busy times, though we aim to respond same day. If you want to do all your shopping in one session, please consider getting in touch to schedule a video call.

WhatsApp Messaging Best Practice:

  • Wherever possible, please be clear about the items your looking for, including price range and quantities.
  • Learn how to mark or highlight items in the pictures we send you so you can easily identify the individual items you want.  If you are unsure how to do this, please give us a call, and we can give you some direction.
  • Get back to us with your choices as soon as you can, as the products in the pictures we send you remain on sale to other customers until you confirm you want them.

Please note:  All WhatsApp orders must be completed within 7 days from the day your basket is opened and WhatsApp Orders and video calls will be subject to minimum spends.

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